Hello world!

Hi, so this is my 1st post. Right now I’m busy trying to finish up my school work before the semester is over. Besides working on school what really has caught my eye is how close the standings are in the NFL.

There are 3 weeks left in the NFL season and out of the 32 teams, 23 still have a shot at making the playoffs. The Patriots are the only team to have clinched a playoff spot, and the Falcons will clinch with a win this weekend. The AFC and NFC wild cards are up for grabs, especially with how bad the Jets have been looking lately.

The Jets and Ravens, who hold the wild cards in the AFC are in must win situations this week, but they are in some tough match ups against the Steelers and the Saints, respectively. If either of these teams lose, the Dolphins and Colts are right behind them, which will make for an exciting week of football. In the NFC the Packers need to win to keep there playoff hopes alive against maybe the best team this year in New England.

The match up of the week is probably the Giants vs the Eagles. The winner of this game will probably win the division, and will most likely make the playoffs.

I can’t wait until Sunday!

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